Simone spent 5 years traveling
to over 80 countries as Senior Photographer
and Photography Teacher on Princess Cruises

Each volume covers 3 exotic locations:

taipei ~ taiwan

Taipei, officially known as Taipei City , is the capital city and a special municipality of Taiwan.
Sitting at the northern tip of Taiwan, Taipei City is an enclave of the municipality of New Taipei City.

It is about 25 km southwest of the northern port city Keelung. The city is mostly located on the
Taipei Basin, an ancient lakebed bounded by the two relatively narrow valleys of the Keelung and Xindian
rivers, which join to form the Tamsui River along the city's western border.

The city proper is home to an estimated population of 2,693,672 in 2009, forming the core part of the Taipei–Keelung
metropolitan area which includes the nearby cities of New Taipei and Keelung with a population of 6,900,273,
the 40th most-populous urban area in the world.

beijing ~ china

Beijing is the capital of China and one of the most populous cities in the world. Its population in 2013 was 21,150,000. The city proper is the 3rd largest in the world.

The metropolis, located in northern China, is governed as a direct-controlled municipality under the national government with 16 urban, suburban, and rural districts. The city's history dates back three millennia.

As the last of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, Beijing has been the political center of the country for much of the past eight centuries. The city is renowned for its opulent palaces, temples, parks, gardens, tombs, walls and gates, and its art treasures and universities have made it a center of culture and art in China

yangon ~ myanmar

Yangon, also known as Rangoon, is a former capital of Myanmar (Burma) and the capital of Yangon Region.
Yangon is the country's largest city with a population of over five million, and is the most important commercial
centre, although the military government officially relocated the capital to Naypyidaw in March 2006.

Although Yangon's infrastructure is undeveloped compared to those of other major cities in Southeast Asia,
it has the largest number of colonial buildings in the region today.

While many high-rise residential and commercial buildings have been constructed or renovated throughout
downtown and Greater Yangon in the past two decades, most satellite towns that ring the city continue
to be deeply impoverished.

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